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Jihadists Upping Their Bitcoin Game

Jihadists Upping Their Bitcoin Game

Bitcoin may have lost its luster for many speculators chasing skyrocketing prices before the bubble burst, but some terrorists desperately want the cryptocurrency anyhow. Earlier this week, the terrorist organization Hamas–which controls the Gaza Strip–released a video urging supporters to send

3 months ago
Bakkt introduces new board members as its bitcoin futures launch hangs in the balance

Bakkt Introduces New Board Members As Its Bitcoin Futures Launch Hangs In The Balance

Bakkt, the trading platform for cryptocurrency assets backed by Intercontinental Exchange, announced its new board on Friday.The firm, which was supposed to launch its much-awaited physically delivered bitcoin futures earlier this year, now counts executives from Softbank and Goldfinch Partners amon

3 months ago
No way back for Bitcoin? Why the world’s cryptocurrencies may have peaked already

No Way Back For Bitcoin? Why The World’s Cryptocurrencies May Have Peaked Already

There are three problems with cryptocurrencies holding back the likes of Bitcoin: technology limitations, fraud risk and usage restrictions (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) The EconomistFriday March 29th 2019 Britain's richest man faces demands for sports sponsorship ban Long Reads The i newsletter

3 months ago
Chorus of Bitcoin Bulls Call BTC at $357,000 – Plus Ripple and XRP, Tron, Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Cardano, IOTA

Chorus Of Bitcoin Bulls Call Btc At $357,000 € Plus Ripple And Xrp, Tron, Ethereum, Eos, Neo, Cardano, Iota

From the case for Bitcoin as the ultimate store of value to a new acquisition at Tron, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto.BitcoinThe chorus of Bitcoin bulls who say BTC is digital gold is growing. In the past two weeks, both EOS founder Brendan Blumer and Galaxy D

3 months ago
Crypto Trader Claims All Eyes Should Be On Bitcoin (BTC): “Most Important Week Ever”

Crypto Trader Claims All Eyes Should Be On Bitcoin (btc): €most Important Week Ever”

Bitcoin Entering Key RegionAnalyst CryptoBirb recently claimed that the upcoming few days will be of utmost importance to Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, in a recent Twitter comment, he remarked that this could very well be the cryptocurrency’s most importantly weekly close “ever,” as key one-day, one

3 months ago
Bitcoin (BTC) Nearing Key Battle Zone as Upwards Momentum Continues

Bitcoin (btc) Nearing Key Battle Zone As Upwards Momentum Continues

Bitcoin has been able to maintain the upwards momentum that was sparked earlier this week when the cryptocurrency surged back above the important psychological price level of $4,000. Although BTC has continued to climb, it has still failed to decisively break above $4,100, which has proven to be a s

3 months ago
Why Bitcoin Matters in 2019 According to Aleksandar Svetski

Why Bitcoin Matters In 2019 According To Aleksandar Svetski

With a rocky cryptocurrency market and loads of negative press, some enthusiasts are losing hope. Others, of course, are settling in for what they see as the impending future of a crypto-based world. People in the middle are still asking, or asking once again, does cryptocurrency matter?Australian c

3 months ago
Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Stagnates, But Switzerland is Reviving Payment Narrative

Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Stagnates, But Switzerland Is Reviving Payment Narrative

In 2017, the store of value narrative surrounding Bitcoin and its astronomical rise to $20,000 solidified the “hodl” meme in retail investors, causing them to spend their crypto less often in fear of missing out on incredible gains.With less people spending their Bitcoin, merchant adoption came

3 months ago
BitFunder and WeExchange Bitcoin Scams Totalling $9 Million Affected Roughly 250 Investors

Bitfunder And Weexchange Bitcoin Scams Totalling $9 Million Affected Roughly 250 Investors

Have you ever heard of Jon Montroll? The man was arrested in February 2018 in connection to a scam which happened in 2013. Montroll was the founder of BitFunder, the platform in which the theft happened, and another platform called WeExchange.It all started more than five years ago when his platform

3 months ago
Crypto Market Volume Gap Hints at Potential $70B Surge, Bitcoin price to $6K

Crypto Market Volume Gap Hints At Potential $70b Surge, Bitcoin Price To $6k

As the crypto market begins to establish strong support and find its bottom, the influx of new capital is looming on the horizon, just waiting for Bitcoinprice and the rest of its altcoin brethren to break upward into a new bull cycle.When analyzing charts, traders have discovered a wide volume gap

3 months ago